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Oldest Known Galaxies Discovered

It is scientifically impossible for you to miss out on anything, because you are the fabric of the universe.

This is a beautiful quote, but what does it mean?

In order to find the meaning we must define what the universe is. The universe is everything here that exists today. Yet, it is also everything left from yesterday and the day before that. It is you, it is me. It is every planet, galaxy and star. It is also every form of energy and matter. We can trace the universe back to the beginning of time.

Knowing these facts, it’s exciting when the Hubble Space Telescope discovers the earliest galaxies in our known universe. That is exactly what it did. For the first time, the Hubble found a few incredibly condensed, ultra-blue galaxies, read all the details here.

These are the earliest galaxies that have been found in the deep universe. The dark blue color of these galaxies suggests that they contain nearly weightless elements such as hydrogen and helium. Younger galaxies in the universe contain far more elements and therefore display a nearly endless spectrum of colors.

Based on this observation, these galaxies were formed about 500 million years after the big bang, which of course, is what created the universe. Before, it was widely believed and accepted that the universe began about 13.7 billion years ago. Scientists have found with this discovery that the oldest known beginning of galaxy formation should now be pushed back another 1.5 billion years.

The quote at the beginning of this article was pulled from video, “We Are The Blanket” by Hug Nation. Watch the video here.