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Hubble Discovers a Bubble

What happens when a white dwarf star becomes so massive it explodes? A supernova of course!

What causes the white dwarf (now named supernova: 0509-67.5) to gain enough mass for this to happen… Normally astronomers theorize that this happens when the white dwarf simply gathers enough material from another companion star.

Although, with the sharp discerning eye of the Hubble Space Telescope and the Chandra X-ray Observatory, astronomers could not find any trace of such a companion star having had mass siphoned away from 0509-67.5, the white dwarf.

Instead, rather than merely taking material away, they believe that this white dwarf actually collided with another white dwarf, creating an intense supernova. Therefore both stars were destroyed and in the midst of the blast this beautiful strange looking bubble was created as a result; now showing in deep space, no need to arrive late to avoid sitting through previews. You probably won’t need to make a trip to the concession counter and stand in line for popcorn, candy and soda pop, either.

All that you should need is the night sky, your imagination and a telescope with a long zoom lens. Go on, what are you waiting for? We still have so many secrets waiting to be untapped and unveiled within our known universe. We are simply humans living on a rock floating through space.

The aptly titled “Hubble Bubble” was first found when a pair of NASA telescopes using a combined view of x-ray light and visible light discovered it.