November 2012

Mars Curiosity discovers an “earthshaking” mystery

Has evidence of life on Mars been found? NASA’s not telling us quite yet…

The latest news from the red planet and the Mars rover, Curiosity is that it has made a great discovery.  And though NASA refuses to release any information regarding this discovery until they can confirm it, there is much speculation.  The most popular bit of guesswork is that Curiosity stumbled upon the very thing it was sent there to discover - evidence of whether or not Mars supported life as some point.

NASA’s Building a Fence for Space

A new project aimed at keeping away all that nasty space debris


Some of you may have read an earlier post of mine talking about the problems that NASA and other space agencies are having because of the massive amounts of debris circling the planet.  Well, it looks like they’ve got a solution together and may be able to at least track it, if not get rid of it altogether.  It’s called a “Space Fence” and it’s designed to monitor tens-of-thousands of pieces of debris and thus warn satellites and space stations when they might be in trouble.

UFO infestation on the China-India border?

Hundreds of incidents of UFO sightings still remain a mystery.

China has its fair share of problems, as can be expected from any country with the size and population that they have.  From the economy to corruption in politics to the situation in Tibet, there’s always something for the Chinese government to worry about.  Now it looks like they have a new problem - an infestation of UFOs on their border with India.

Space history being auctioned off for charity

One-of-a-kid pieces of America’s space program are up for grabs if you have the cash

Ever wanted to own a piece of space exploration history but just don’t know where to go to buy it?  Well, as it turns out, a group called Heritage is holding an auction to sell off some of the most important pieces of the United State’s space past in the name of charity.  Most of these items should probably be in a museum and, in fact, most things like this are, but these few pieces are available for the public to buy.