January 2013

Russia looking at the moon

An ambitious plan to explore and set up shop on the moon.

While the United States space program is busy with Mars, China is looking toward putting their own space station into orbit and private enterprises are trying to sell tickets to future space tourists, the country once known as a space exploration powerhouse is trying their hand at something a little different.  Russia is heading back to the moon.

Deodorant company sending people into space

A contest like no other; get a chance to take a ride on a space ship.

So you want to go to space but have no chance in hell of ever being able to afford it?  Well, do not despair, for one company, in an effort to massively boost their sales, is holding a contest where twenty-two lucky winners will be able to jump onboard a shuttle and take a ride into sub-orbit.  The company is AXE - the guys who make deodorant or body spray or something like that.  What they make is unimportant, of

NASA looking to wrangle up an asteroid?

The future of space mining and exploration may be defined by what we learn from giant space rocks.

So NASA is up to some interesting speculation lately following a study put together by the Keck Institute for Space Studies.  They’ve figured out that it may be possible to send an automated craft out into near-space and, by using a giant bag, grab up a small asteroid.  The prize would then be towed back and placed into orbit around the moon where it would be conveniently close enough for scientists to study.  All-in-all, if the project were to go through, it would take around 10 years for th